Why you should consider Vietnam for Software Outsourcing

by Thanh Pham | Nov 20, 2020 Why you should consider Vietnam for Software Outsourcing

The Vietnam software outsourcing industry is gaining global recognition. For a long time, India has been the main destination for outsourcing tech services. However, Vietnam has joined the ranks as one of the most desirable outsourcing destinations.

Why Most Companies Prefer Vietnam over other Locations

Despite being a small country, Vietnam is fast turning into another ‘Silicon Valley’ in the Asia-Pacific region. For several years now, the tech industry in the county has proven itself by providing high quality and creative technological solutions for global companies. Behind this growing reputation are various factors that make Vietnam an ideal destination for software outsourcing.

  • Vietnam’s relatively young population

Vietnam’s population has been described as golden. Almost 70% of its population is aged 15-35 years old meaning that over half of Vietnam’s population is fit and ready to work.

  • High education levels

Even with a high population, the literacy levels in Vietnam are impressive. Every year, more than 280,000 graduates are released to join the workforce, with close to 40000 having gained knowledge in ICT. This makes the tech industry a prime target for most graduates. The standards and quality of IT education in Vietnam schools has improved drastically over the years, producing competent and well-skilled graduates for the tech market.

  • Up to date with the latest technology

The high standards of IT education in Vietnam means that its workforce is up to date with the latest technology. Additionally, the majority of the workforce possess key technical skills, meaning they are dependable, flexible and deployable for any tech project.

  • Affordability

The growing skilled workforce means that the software outsourcing industry in Vietnam offers competitive pricing for its software services. Vietnam outsourcing on average costs 30% less than outsourcing from other countries such as India. With quality assured, the allure of Vietnam is becoming irresistible.

Choosing the right Software Outsourcing Company

With the growing number of tech companies in Vietnam it can be overwhelming to make your choice. It does not have to be difficult however. ODS makes our choice easy by providing you with a team that has the skills any offshore development team must be versed in. When looking at an offshore company these include:

  1. English Proficiency

    English proficiency is crucial for effective communication in order to make your project have the best results. Strong communication skills should be complementary, as it will make it easier for you to monitor and create your project.

  2. Knowledge of the industry

    Your team should demonstrate strong knowledge and understanding of the latest in the tech industry. A team with the ability to adapt quickly to new industry advancements is crucial.

  3. A strong portfolio

    A strong portfolio will help you gauge their skillset and efficiency in executing tasks.

  4. Competitive pricing

    While the aim is to reduce cost, aim for a team offering competitive pricing as opposed to one with the cheapest pricing.


The IT environment in Vietnam has transformed the country into a software outsourcing destination. That’s why ODS chooses Vietnam as our offshore team’s location. With the advancements in industry, the professional teams, and key industry knowledge outsourcing your project with ODS just makes sense.

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