As humans struggle to find new ways to perform various activities faster and with more flair, web development is expected to evolve to accommodate new ideas. Web developers are now thinking ahead, which explains why the industry is rapidly transforming. Thus, all organizations have to align their business goals with new trends in the industry to maintain a competitive edge.

 Finding developers with the right skillset in the local market can be quite a challenge. But, most organizations have embraced software outsourcing to overcome the challenge. The approach allows them to access a larger pool of talent from other countries around the world.

Here we look at the 10 trends in the web development industry.

1. Bots and Artificial Intelligence

Most IT experts believe that the two technologies are the future of web development. In the next few months, bots are expected to be more self-learning. This means that it will be easier for them to match the particular behavior and needs of the user. With the advancement, the round-clock operating bots will eventually help save costs by replacing support managers in many organizations.

 Using bots is not a new thing since some huge B2C companies have already adopted the technology. For instance, chatbots are now serving customers on the official pages of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, and other platforms. 

2. PWA (Progressive Web Apps)

Progressive web apps may not be the most popular trend today, but the technology is expected to make more inroads in web development. The technology won the attention of investors and modern developers because of its potential. It can provide a high-quality user experience almost to the same level as native apps.

 The rising website trend in the use of PWA’s allows users to access their favorite websites on desktop or mobile web browsers without downloading computer programs or unique apps. Most IT expect PWAs to be written with CSS, React, HTML, Angular, and JavaScript.

3. Single Page Application

It does not make sense to be stuck on the traditional approach in accessing content on websites with high-speed internet. Initially, every action was taken on the page, such as clicks, which led to the opening of one more page.

SPA (Single Page Application) is one of the latest web trends that prevent seamless communication with your server. This helps improve page performance and, most importantly, offers a high level of data protection. The technology is rapidly gaining popularity mainly due to the rise of JavaScript frameworks.

4. Accelerated Mobile Pages

The other emerging trend in web development is AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). Accelerated Mobile Pages aim to speed up page performance and ensure that the user stays on the page long enough. The technology is similar to PWA, but the difference in this is that the open-source plugin accelerates pages. The open-source plugin is a technology that has been developed by Google and Twitter recently.

Additionally, Accelerated Mobile Pages refer to optimized pages that have simplified but convenient designs. The pages only have basic features, which allows them to operate fast. Besides, these pages have easily readable content and are also usually mobile-friendly.

5. Motion UI

Most companies are investing more resources in improving user experience and giving little attention to aesthetics. But, websites and apps with beautiful designs are more likely to become viral as they can easily attract more potential users. This means that visual design is not only an aspect of engineering but a key marketing strategy. Most experts predict more demand for the latest design approaches such as motion UI.

6. Voice Search Optimization

The future of web development is leaning towards the use of voice rather than texting. A good example is a rise in the popularity of virtual multifunctional assistants like Google Home, Siri, or Amazon’s Alexa. With this development, we expect more than half of IoT and smart devices will be able to receive voice commands and execute them. Besides, these devices will also be able to recognize the voices of different users and offer a personalized AI-based experience for each person.

Voice search is not a new technology as it was implemented more than ten years ago. But, most users have now embraced the idea of spending less time typing commands.

7. JavaScript Frameworks

JavaScript is also not a new invention in web development. But, it is among the most used languages in programming across the globe. This makes any innovation regarding it a popular topic of discussion. The new trends in web development are likely to include further development of JavaScript frameworks. It will also include the rise of the use of these frameworks.

JavaScript frameworks help standardize the programming language and establish a convenient frontend ecosystem. The frameworks will involve UI, UX, product tech management aspects, and testing. Additionally, the use of these frameworks will depend on ready components that one needs to incorporate into their website.

8. Automation Testing

Most of the latest technologies focus on offering the best user experience and making the web development process cheaper. Automation of development stages helps in achieving the second objective.

 Artificial Intelligence and machine learning approach enable you to create complex projects using fewer development experts or a small team of developers. Product test automation allows you to check the readiness of the product before deployment.

9. Blockchain Technology

Again, this is also not a new technology in web development since it emerged in 2004. In the last few years, we have seen more major payment systems accept blockchain technology. Many IT experts predict that the usage of this technology will continue growing.

 As the technology continues to grow, the demand for software and hardware support, infrastructure, and legal regulation for trading will increase. Thus, the emerging trends in web development are likely to focus on these areas.

10. Serverless Architecture and Applications

Serverless is another emerging trend in web development. The technology seeks to avoid system overloading, costly development, and data loss.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, swift tech advancements have taken place in the last few years. Most IT experts predict more trends, especially in the field of web development. Many companies are also expected to adopt software outsourcing to meet the high demands of talented web developers.

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