The Ultimate Guide For Offshore Developers

by Thanh Pham | Dec 03, 2020 The Ultimate Guide For Offshore Developers

Globally, outsourcing app and web development is on the rise. Recently, outsourcing has had a massive surge of popularity over in-house development.

While there are many factors contributing to outsourcing’s popularity, it comes down to two: cost effectiveness, and easy connections to talented professionals.

Outsourcing can often seem difficult to navigate for beginners, but this guide will seek to clear your path and get you prepared for outsourcing your projects.

What is offshore development?

Traditionally speaking, businesses with IT and software development projects would use an in-house developer or outsource locally. Offshore development is a departure from this model. It entails hiring developers from a foreign country to manage your software development projects. The major difference is that you will be working with your developer from different locations. While you may be separated by a sea, your communication with your team of professionals will be astounding.

Pros of offshore software development

The pros of offshore development are the reasons why popularity has sparked in outsourcing. Below are the reasons why many look to offshore development over traditional in house:

  1. Relatively inexpensive

For businesses, remaining cost-effective is always at the forefront. Businesses tend to fail when they do not meet budget requirements. Offshore software development is cheaper compared to hiring local talent. Cost is one of the key attributes that has led to an increase in the popularity of outsourcing over the years. Tax incentives from other countries also means that you get to save money that would usually be taken up via local taxes.

  1. Assured quality and delivery

Offshore developers are known for being up to date with the latest trends and equipped with the latest skills in the market. When hiring an offshore team, you get the assurance of quality and timely delivery. Furthermore, outsourcing your team cuts training time and costs, meaning you create your project faster.

  1. Get specialised skills

Offshore developers have specialised skills and knowledge. It makes it easier for you to find a team of developers who have the specific skills your project requires. You also get a chance to experiment with the latest and emerging technologies in the market that will help you stay ahead of the competition.

  1. Easy to scale up or down

With the evolving nature of businesses, there might be a need for scaling up and hiring more IT skills or scaling down. With offshore teams, it is easier to scale your workforce, depending on your needs.

The disadvantages

While there are many benefits to outsourcing, it also comes with some drawbacks. These include:

  1. Communication Challenges

One of the main drawbacks of outsourcing is communication difficulties due to different time zones. If not handled carefully, poor communication can doom your software development project.

At ODS we ensure you are able to contact your team whenever you need to. So, you can make sure that your project requirements are being met.

  1. Difficulties in coordinating the offshore team

This is closely related to the communication challenge. Outsourcing often presents a challenge regarding coordinating a team.

However, with the rise of online meeting platforms such as Zoom, it is much easier for you to coordinate your offshore team. ODS seeks to make sure that you have full control over your team, and ensures they understand the goals they’re working towards.

  1. Lack of customer focus

Despite getting expert skills, one of the main limitations of software outsourcing is vendors may not direct all their focus towards your project. They are likely to be handling multiple assignments.

When you outsource your project with ODS, we ensure that you have a dedicated team ready to focus on your project and goals.

How to get it right with offshore software development

While outsourcing software development can be a challenge, especially for small businesses who are exploring the option for the first time, there are proven ways you can adopt to ensure a successful outsourcing experience. Here is how to go about outsourcing:

Know what you want

Outsourcing should be an objective and well-informed decision. The first step towards a successful outsourcing endeavour is defining your goals. Be clear about what you want to achieve and how the project links with your vision.

With the goal in sight, ODS can help you find the correct people to build your offshore team. We will pick the best suited professionals for you. From those selected you are able to view each members resume and decide who will best suit your business goals.

Analyse the resource implications of your project

Know what you want by planning for the resources needed for the project, particularly the time and budget. Plan a reasonable budget that is within your financial abilities and the price range for a project of a similar scale as yours. Most businesses fall for the trap of looking for very cheap software development services, often ending up with a fraudulent developer or a product that does not meet the business needs. You must choose a competitively priced outsourcing team, as opposed to a ‘cheap’ one.

ODS provides competitively priced outsourcing teams, ensuring that you get the results you want within the means of your budget.

Bottom line

Managing an offshore development team is gaining popularity because it just makes sense. With the increase in reliable offshore companies and the competitive budget-friendly prices it is no wonder this model is overtaking in-house development. It is vital for businesses looking to outsource software to choose a reliable and trustworthy team. That’s why ODS makes sure your team is composed of professionals, and that your project, business, and yourself are protected.

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