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ODS - Sydney Software development company

Our intelligent and customized software development solutions can transform your business in ways that you may not have yet imagined. Work with us and together we can provide amazing software development that will exceed your expectations at a cost that will astound you.


Our flexible software development company designs unique applications.

Cost- effective

Save thousands on labour costs by investing in unique software applications to enhance productivity for growth.


We are able to get started in days and quickly provide the software development services you want.

Tailored Software Development Services

  • ODS Group offers a flexible and much more cost-effective solution compared with hiring IT contractors to work in your company. For those who may be searching for a Sydney software development company with expertise in database integration, you have found the answer. Our developers will work on your projects and deliver within agreed timeframes for the budget that you allocate.
  • Your business is unique and it needs unique software development solutions. We can help you shape your dreams for growth into practical strategies. Our technology gurus are up to date with anything related to software development services. Our company takes care of the ‘how to’ allowing you to concentrate on running your business. In so many ways, partnering with us is a step towards prosperity.
  • You may not know anything about integrating your business computing systems with your website, or how to implement payroll and employee back-end functions. If you want to be able to efficiently maintain a customer database and market to your clients using targeted algorithms based on browsing and buying patterns you can ask our Sydney software development company experts to develop these types of solutions for you.

Unique selling points

Affordable pricing

we will work within the budget you have to develop the software solutions that you need at a price that won’t break the bank. You can choose from outcome based or fixed price models, depending on the type of software development services you need.

Mature process

our expertise has been fine tuned to deliver outstanding results. We have a wide range of talented IT geniuses working on our clients’ software development needs.

Robust architectural design

our software developers rely on established protocols and agile processes with a combination of open source and reliable proprietary products. If you are looking.

Our Agile Project Development Process

Our highly trained professionals are great at working with clients to really understand their software development needs. We use sophisticated open-source and proprietary technologies and in doing so we are able to produce results that are perfectly tailored to the requirements of our clients. We employ an Agile process and Scrum methodology to get the best results from the teams that work on client projects.

The benefits of Agile Process and Scrum methodology

Our teams, working with the client, or Product Owner liaise and schedule elements of the overall project into working chunks, each usually lasting about 30 days. These are known as sprints. Once the functionality of each chunk has been determined, it is locked down. Through testing, it can be fine tuned by the teams in conjunction with the client and the final product is delivered. Scrum methodology is inherently collaborative with different teams responsible for certain aspects coming together to provide a scalable solution.

A responsive software development company

At ODS Group, we specialise in providing top software developers and other digital experts to work on your projects. Our business model is highly responsive and we are able to put together a team, or even a solo developer to work with your company as intensively or minimally as you require. When you are in the midst of building and managing your own company, you will find that having access to a reliable software development company is not only useful, it can make you money.

More than ever businesses are looking to increase their profitability by reducing their overheads. Some of these overheads can be reduced by the smart use of a remote workforce. We can be a remote software development company that can work on your projects, either for your core business or if you wish to leverage off our expertise you can use us to build a solution for your clients that you will profit from. Some businesses are also finding improvements to both productivity and profitability by having employees working from home. At ODS Group, our software professionals are able to implement software solutions that can monitor and ensure secure and intelligent platforms to share documents via cloud computing.

ODS Group takes the risk out of employing talented software engineers in Sydney and beyond. You do not need to carry the risk of employing staff in the traditional sense. You will not have the administrative and financial burden of workplace agreements, employment disputes, superannuation or workers’ compensation when you hire us on a job. As a Sydney software development company, we are the employer and we partner with you to jointly create solutions that will improve and transform your business.

Software development services to suit your size and budget

In today’s technologically driven world, you regularly need software development services and reliable IT developers. It does not matter whether you are a small online retailer selling consumer goods, or a start-up entrepreneur looking for investors to join you. All businesses need reliable IT professionals for things such as database creation, implementation, integration, migration, and other tasks. In Sydney, software development is usually an expensive proposition. However, with ODS Group, we have a model that keeps costs down and productivity up.

Most micro and small businesses will not be able to justify the expense of in-house IT professionals. Some companies will choose to use proprietary software from big-name IT vendors for accounting programs or database management. These involve expensive license agreements that force your business to work in ways that suit the program’s design, including the computer language that it speaks. They can be inflexible with talking to other types of programs, and then you will inevitably need to hire a programmer who can create a framework to allow different programs to talk to each other.

For example, If you are not careful, you may find that your payroll information is not properly configured to speak to the ATO when it comes to your BAS reporting. This will make routine tasks needlessly time-consuming and add to your bottom line. Every cent that you spend on non-core business activities costs you more in the long run so it is important to beware of the hidden costs of unsuitable proprietary software.

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We are a passionate Sydney software development company. Join us on a journey where we take your ideas and transform them into practical software solutions. Our flexibility is key to your success. You can scale up or down at a moment’s notice. You are not locked into a particular outcome if the project brief changes. Contact us today for more information or find out more on our website.

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