There is one thing that we can all agree on: the demand for software development also increased in recent years owing to a wide range of objective reasons. This fast expansion will certainly bring two major consequences: the mutual quest for human resources and the demand for services.

Globally, corporate clients are aggressively seeking foreign outsourcing service providers. In contrast, software firms are rapidly developing and providing a wide range of software development services in order to serve clients as swiftly as possible.

What is Software Development?

Simply put, custom software development is the process of translating user needs or marketing objectives into a software product. Especially, many software development companies in Sydney, Australia, are offering outsourcing services, implying that an imbalance in human resource skills in territories/countries is becoming apparent. This results in a thriving but also complex IT sector in general, and software development Sydney particular.

Top 5 Types of Software Development

Web App

Web development is the creation of online applications accessed via an internet browser on a wide range of devices.

Mobile App

A mobile app, on the other hand, operates on a phone or tablet and does not necessarily require an internet connection to function.


Cloud computing stores and manages data on remote servers rather than on local servers, which are prone to failure and loss.


Software solution service companies will offer professionals specializing in security software. They are committed to protecting the safety of various technical systems for the client side.


Data scientists' roles are expanding. They must also be mastered in programming languages such as C/C++, MATLAB, Python, and others.

How We Execute
Software Development

Through this illustration, we can also see the basic 6-step process to implement a software development project as follows:

Testing & Deployment


Only once a perfect strategy has been devised are you ready to go. You may gain a lot by establishing a thorough strategy from the start and following all other steps.



The project is specified in depth at this step of the software development life cycle, and the viability of the project is assessed.



Software engineers will create a Design Specification from software specifications at this level of the SDLC.



The team will create the software and guarantee that you follow each particular stage of the initial strategy using ideas, thoughts, plans, and human resources.


Testing & Deployment

At this stage, the entire team will check for irrationalities, errors, and discover rapid answers.Then, based on client input, they will continue working until the entire product is launched and customers may begin utilizing it.



According to specialists, this maintenance phase accounts for up to 65-70 percent of the effort involved in the life cycle of a program. If a sample plan or demo is left on paper and not used in practice, it will never be great.

Software Development Methodologies

In order to carry out daily operations at work, outsourcing companies need to find and apply appropriate methodologies. Each of them has its own set of perks and downsides. However, each methodology has its own characteristics, for specific project sizes/requirements. More than a normal process of work, it is also a framework for structuring, planning, and controlling throughout the software development project.
Therefore, it is extremely important to analyze and determine the right methodology. In general, software development methodologies will have three main keywords to describe it succinctly as follows:


  • Adaptable
  • Clients involved
  • Quick to execute


  • Prioritization
  • High cooperation ability
  • Repetition


  • Transparency
  • Collaboration
  • Automation


  • Client advantage
  • Compressed
  • Intensely focused on project


  • Lifelong improving
  • Innovation
  • Smooth workflow

Our Expertise

The special features from the "supply" and "demand" side show how exciting the wave of the IT industry is. Besides building new software, upgrading legacy applications is also a prominent segment in the industry. At ODS Group, a well-known software development company in Sydney, we also offer a wide range of technologies as follows:

Web Application

ODS Group provides full-stack web development services for different sectors and corporate objectives. We provide innovative B2B and B2C online solutions with better security, exceptional UI/UX design, and increased scalability.

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Mobile Application

Our bespoke software development firm specializes in mobile application development. We produce effective mobile app development solutions with a straightforward user experience design and an eye-catching appearance.

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User Interface and User
Experience (UX & UI)

We offer a talented team of UX/UI designers who specialize in developing user-friendly, intuitive, and visually appealing digital user experiences. We perform extensive UX research and employ a user-centered approach to create digital solutions that answer user problems, suit your business demands, and fulfill industry best practices.

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Our Services

We can offer you many services related to the development of a complete software. We are confident and proud of the leading young talents in Australia and Vietnam, thanks to that, we expand the variety of services as follows:

Custom Web Application Development

As a professional provider of full-stack web development services for a variety of industries and business objectives, we specialize in B2B and B2C online solutions with improved security, great UI/UX design, and higher scalability.

Custom Mobile Application Development

One of our well-known specializations as a custom software development firm is mobile application development. We offer mobile app development services with an intuitive user experience design and an eye-catching aesthetic.
We enable mobile app creation on both the Android and iOS operating systems, as well as other common hybrid or cross-platform apps on the market today.

Software Product Development

We will enhance your software product development using cutting-edge technologies from across the world. AI, big data, the internet of things, augmented reality, virtual reality, and so on... Say with absolute certainty that your software product development is always on the bleeding edge of technology and that when it is launched to the market, it is of the top class.

SaaS (Software as a Service)

When we think of Software as a Service (SaaS), we refer to this type of the most well-known SaaS products: Google Workspace applications, Salesforce, Trello, Netflix... and many more well-known brands. Understanding the prevalence of SaaS, our ODS Group offers a wide range of solutions, from video streaming services to IT business analytics systems... or CRM or HRM solutions, to serve today's modern enterprises' continuously advancing business.

UX/UI Design

The most important thing in capturing the first sympathy of users is probably the design! Having a clean design process that meets deadlines and delivers instant results isn't too easy either. Therefore, contact the ODS Group today to save time completing and implementing ideas. You just entrust us to make it a reality and conquer your customers only!

IT Consulting

It is difficult to develop a complete IT plan for your organization's digital and technical transformation that is in accordance with your business goals. Moreover, the most important thing is that you are not "in the industry", so there will certainly be a lot of pressure and challenges when you are struggling to find the direction for your business's IT system.
Let us take care of that for you! With a force of 400+ experienced talents across the country, we firmly believe that the best IT solutions will be delivered to you soon!

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We assist companies by establishing the process, with SaaS solution development, as well as choosing tools and facilities that are consistent with the unique requirements of each firm. With a new interpretation, the most sophisticated technology, and a focus on performance, we can get the greatest outcomes. Furthermore, due to the company's almost ten years of expertise in the IT sector, ODS Group is a trustworthy destination for Enterprises Application Development, especially for clients in Sydney, Australia.

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