Without the opinions and recommendations of the expert team, especially in the IT business, the process of launching and completing the project would be highly unsustainable. Assuming your firm does not specialize in technology, software, etc., and your in-house team lacks the necessary force or effort to accomplish a project requiring complexity and various ideas, you will undoubtedly want more than simply a team of technical experts! And that is a software consulting service - with the assistance of qualified software consulting companies worldwide.

What Software Consultants do

At ODS Group, a good software consultant has the following characteristics:

• Have technical knowledge from basic to advanced.
• Familiar with international standard software workflow.
• Sufficient knowledge and awareness of the market to ensure that the strategy they are pursuing is appropriate.
• Instead of directing the business on what to do, contribute to the strategy with new ways of thinking, and breakthrough ideas that are highly feasible.
• Good communication takes precedence over personal productivity.
• Carefully selected and curated programmer input.

As a real developer, the software consultants at ODS group will:

• Examine how your present software performs and satisfies your business requirements.
• Assess the potential in software architecture that influence performance and security.
• Offer software conceptualization entails gathering information about your firm's needs.
• Repair technical, performance, and security flaws in software.
• Develop a strategy to address identified inefficiencies.
• Modify software code to increase high stability and simplify future upgrades.
• Rewrite software utilizing current potential programming languages, frameworks, and databases.

Software Consulting Offers

  • Timing factor consultation

    - Before the project: Before putting pen to paper to implement any line of code, software consultants can provide valuable guidance. For instance, concerning optional technologies, market research undertaken on your behalf, or application conceptualization.
    - During the project: Incorporating software development consulting services into your company operations can help you gain a competitive advantage. You will be able to study all of the options and select the best one based on your consultant's significant knowledge.
    - After the project: Assessing overall performance is also a good way to help optimize your company's project work.

  • Project's concept consultation

    - Engineering aspect: Software consultants can help you get a deeper look at the benefits and drawbacks. From there, you can make decisions about the best technology and coding language for your needs.
    - Business aspect: Besides software engineering, software consultants also play an important role in supporting and following up with you in analyzing the market potential. Hence, you can easily see the probability of success after implementing your idea.

  • Pre-order/ Pre-sales Consultation

    - For software companies, initial consultations are a way to demonstrate their ability and agility in defining the business scope.
    However, as a client, it's a great way not only to see that you're in charge but also to develop your first software document or business plan (depending on the topic) discussed in pre-sales meetings.

Why ODS Group?

Customized solutions for you

Because we recognize that each business has its own style and taste, we believe that consulting a mass software solution in general, and a web application product in particular, is not a good idea for different enterprises. You don't have to be concerned about the product's uniqueness because the process is thorough and rigorous.

Staying up to date

We always keep our members up to date on the newest techniques and technologies in.NET, Java, PHP, Angular, ReactJS, and other current front-end technologies. We also utilize the most effective and comprehensive technique to create and use a framework thanks to a team of professionals and specialists in the IT business - software development.

Capabilities execution on a global scale

To ensure the efficacy of creative solutions, we use consultation techniques with each customer and foster communication and cooperation across teams. ODS Group in Sydney offers a wide range of solutions that may be utilized and developed in many different nations on the worldwide market - which may provide opportunities for companies when they can service a variety of various subjects throughout the world.


Credibility and transparency are probably always two important factors in deciding to trust each other, entrusting responsibility to the other party. So is the software development industry! There are many clients who reach out to ODS Group seeking for an appropriate solution and then stick with us for a long time, sometimes 5 years or sometimes nearly 10 years, parallel with the birth and prosperous development of ODS Group as it is.
We - especially our team of talented software engineers, always aim for integrity as a separate core. From there, increasingly amplify the prestige and outstanding ability of our company beyond the continent.

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Whenever somebody refers to the talent aspect in software development, when you contact ODS Group, you will not only have the opportunity to work with the brilliant top engineers but also receive preferential service prices with better quality. Along with the great service quality provided by ODS Group's team due to their extensive experience and knowledge, there is also the "competitive pricing" component. ODS Group is among the few software development organizations that combine all three factors: lengthy experience - excellent service - competitive pricing in the international IT business in general and Sydney, Australia in particular.

Do you require emergency assistance? Do you need technical supervision assistance since your project is critical? Do you wish to build a solid team of software consultants and software engineers to assist you in all aspects? ODS Group in Sydney is happy to be a prominent brand in the IT sector for the past ten years and is also one of the famous software consulting companies in Australia, and we look forward to being your companion in the future.

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