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Data Science, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and Process Automation are all areas of expertise. Our Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Machine Learning professionals monitor all the newest developments in AI and Data Science to help our customers monetize their data or usher in the future of their businesses today. We are dedicated to ensuring that all Australians benefit from artificial intelligence (AI).

We offer premium IT consulting services to help firms become data-driven enterprises as a pioneer in sophisticated and reliable machine learning with unique AI solution deployment. When it comes to AI development, ODS is the picture that represents skilled work at the best price you can find in the Australian IT market.

Our AI Development Expertise

Machine Learning

_ Your business processes may be future-proofed with data-based decision making, risk mitigation, and performance monitoring thanks to machine learning.

Computer Vision

_ Computer vision development services are used to extract actionable information and data from live and archived video frames and pictures to improve the effectiveness of commercial operations.

Natural Language Processing

_ Our NLP software solutions make it possible for computers to interpret and comprehend a wide range of data sources, including search queries, business data entries, audio sources, and online data. Analyze vast volumes of natural language data without the need to speak with machines in their own language.

Image Recognition

_ Computer vision technologies for image identification, processing, and object detection may be used to create custom applications that analyze and classify data more quickly and accurately.

Assisted Chatbot Development

_ With our AI chatbot creation services, you can empower your customer service. In order to make more sales, we build smart chatbot systems that allow for one-on-one contact.

AI and Business Intelligence

Rich expertise in Artificial Intelligence software development using sophisticated algorithms that will help businesses in predicting outcomes and make smarter decisions.

Our Expertise In AI Software
Development Serve The Industries


Using AI and ML algorithms, you can automate your knowledge base, protect yourself from cyber threats, and improve operational and financial efficiency.


Preventative health care can be managed via AI-powered consumer devices and advances in humanoid design.

Real Estate

Asset management, property valuation, streamlined collaboration, peer-to-peer transactions, supply chain management, and more are all made possible by AI-driven solutions.


Deliver excellent customer service with AI-integrated chat assistance, an automated knowledge base, cyber security, and information accuracy at a low cost.


In the retail industry, AI is used to predict customer behavior and activities, enhancing in-store processes, and allowing for personalized recommendations for both owners and customers alike.


Assist the users in keeping track of their personal money by using chatbots, get important market data, and safeguard their credit.

Why ODS for your AI demand?

Agile Software

Agile software development is the method we use in our cross-functional group.

Maximum Security and

High-security plug-ins and state-of-the-art data encryption guard against new viruses and attacks.

Strong Associations and

Partnerships with premier technology companies to give our customers the latest technological upgrades more quickly and at reduced prices.

Dedicated Practices &
Consulting Approach

Our team of seasoned subject matter experts and engineers can help you find the correct technology for your most challenging business issues.

Affordable cost without
quality compromise

It is possible to have a low cost without sacrificing quality here.

Zero overhead costs

In addition to a predetermined management charge, there are no other expenditures associated with the business.

Our Approaches with AI Development

Agreement on Service Models

We'll offer the best-fit approach based on your project's requirements as well as our best-fit resources.

Testing and QA

In order to ensure that we always provide the highest quality product possible, extensive testing, customer input, and documentation are included into our process.


Continuous monitoring and troubleshooting of the system is required after go-live to guarantee proper functioning.


Our AI development team conducts an evaluation of the current workflow, procedures, and operations to see whether an AI solution can provide efficiency. PoC and mockups are used to get input from stakeholders. We gather requirements and create a project plan, including the timetable, budget, and deliverables for your AI app.

Understanding the Data and Discovery

An assessment of your current data, software infrastructure, and technology to implement AI systems and processes is part of our service.

Design and Development

Software/application development begins with high-quality design and development in order to match your acceptance requirements as well as your objectives.


Are Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) one and the same?

Not sure where or when this saying came from, but it has become a very familiar question every time people hear the terms ML and AI - especially those who are not in the IT industry. In fact, Artificial intelligence encompasses machine learning as well. Specifically, training and data gathering are critical to the success of machine learning.

Even without human supervision and support, can AI and ML still run well on their own?

Algorithms can only be created by using our innate intelligence. To ensure that everything runs smoothly and confidently, experts must use the HITL (Human-in-the-Loop) model. A prevalent concern is that artificial intelligence (AI) would take away employment from people. However, ML engineers and data scientists earn the most money in the world.

All-powerful AI - can handle any task?

Yes or no. Yes, because it is truly a tool - in other words, a great assistant - to help humanity complete better work tasks. No, because there are still some advanced/specialized functions that AI cannot completely handle on its own. Such as, bringing up issues like gender, emotions, and goals at the same time might lead to misunderstandings. The complexity of the answers provided by advanced deep learning shows that AI is not as mystical as the question implies.

Are intelligent devices able to learn on their own, without the involvement of a person?

ML products that have been successfully completed give the idea that they can learn on their own. And the truth behind that amazing learning ability of ML products is due to the thoughtful preparation of ML scientists. They have prepared the dataset, set up the possible problems, set the input with appropriate information and knowledge... so that the ML products can easily reach the right information source.

Could artificial intelligence help us foresee the future?

It's true that AI represents the future of mankind, but it can't foresee everything flawlessly! As a practical matter, machine learning algorithms can only accurately forecast the future when previous occurrences are taken into account. We can't make accurate predictions about the future using machine learning-based models since AI relies on previous events for its data set, and those events may not have occurred yet.