In contrast to software outsourcing, IT personnel augmentation is a relatively new kind of outsourcing that has emerged recently. When it comes to staffing requirements for certain highly specialized projects, your organization would need to engage competent professionals to work on duties alongside your internal personnel.

From those increasing needs of highly specialized staff, IT Staff Augmentation services were soon born and became more and more sought after globally. At ODS Group, we have grown in popularity as corporate clients’ demand has skyrocketed over the past 10 years.

What is IT Staff Augmentation?

In a nutshell, IT staff augmentation is a dynamic outsourcing technique that allows you to hire technology specialists from all over the world and manage your team directly. You have the option of selecting employees that meet your requirements and reducing or expanding your workforce as needed. These additional engineers will work side by side with your in-house IT team to complete a task or project.

Top Pros & Cons of IT Staffing

Pros of IT Staff Augmentation

Quickly leveraging talented individuals

Because they are solely hired to do their job, enhanced people will instantly provide value to the firm.

Risk avoiding

Challenges with coding, cybersecurity, testing... will be solved cleanly, securely, and promptly since the extra people are always assured of expertise.

Expanding versatility

The Project Manager’s role in each project will determine whether the project is huge or modest, as well as the amount of work necessary to recruit more personnel through staff augmentation.

No infrastructure burden

The additional IT professionals will quickly replace the gap caused by the absence of the internal staff. Therefore, they will not consume anything in your company,
but they will handle your problem and give a final solution.

Cons of IT Staff Augmentation

Not suitable for long-term projects

This expanding requirement will most certainly undermine the team's intrinsic stability and enthusiasm.

Different organizational gaps

In sectors that demand considerable market expertise, extra personnel may not be completely conversant with and infused with the company's culture.

Lack of enthusiasm when the time limit is extended

Projects needing a high level of knowledge in corporate culture and environment might be given a longer time limit.

Why ODS Group for IT Staffing

We understand that time is precious to you. So let us be quick. Building remote dedicated software engineers with ODS Group within 4 weeks, why not? Since our IT Staff Augmentation services are easily obtainable, regardless of how simple or sophisticated they are: prototype, desktop development, mobile or web apps, testing, and full-scale system management.

  • Engineers from ODS Group are assigned to a specific customer with software-managed services.
  • We regularly organize rigorous training and knowledge sharing.
  • We thoroughly examine the ability to understand and reason logically and quantitatively during the interview process.
  • We exclusively provide engineers that excel in each discipline to our clients.
  • We assure the credibility and accountability of all clients.

Significant differences between Staff
Augmentation & Dedicated Teams

The most noticeable distinction between Staff Augmentation and Dedicated Team is the duration of the project.
Working with a committed team is frequently utilized to assist companies in achieving long-term objectives. While Staff Augmentation is only appropriate for short-term initiatives, it should be used from the start.

Dedicated development teams have been a reasonably popular outsourcing strategy in the IT sector throughout the years. This enables clients to collaborate seamlessly with a team of developers that work full-time for your firm or a certain number of hours per week/month.

Common Misconceptions Regarding IT Staff

“When the project comes to an end, the extended team will no longer assist us."

In truth, IT Staff Augmentation service providers aim to retain as many times as needed.
“Additional individuals will not grasp the essence of our business."

Everything takes time to adapt, and so do the engineers. Consider the necessity for project completion time very carefully.

Geographical distances are no longer a barrier to productivity, owing to a plethora of communication and project management technological solutions.

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Certainly, the three factors "talent - quality - competitive price" have created the current ODS Group - sublimated and sustainable development for 10 years in the fierce software development market. We confidently deliver excellent values to clients from all over the world, with the greatest enthusiasm from our young dynamic team of software engineers.

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