Specifically at ODS Group. When our clients initially approach us with the topic of digital transformation, they always have in mind specific categories that are expensive and challenging to accomplish quickly. However, the ODS Group has supported customers from major powers around the globe, especially SMEs, to the extent possible so that they can quickly serve their end-users.

What is Digital Transformation?

Simply put, the integration of digital technology into all elements of a business, radically altering how you work and bringing benefit to clients, is known as digital transformation. For businesses, digital technologies offer multiple substantial benefits. Operational costs decrease significantly thanks to access to information between employees, suppliers, and networks are improved.

Many studies demonstrate that, as a result of the worldwide coronavirus epidemic, the speed of digital transformation is significantly faster than previously. It is when people cannot keep a safe distance between them without taking measures when employees are obliged to work from home to ensure their safety... We can perceive the value of digital and the ease of applications - particularly communication and meeting applications.

Digital Transformation Business Process

Analyze the existing situation

At this initial step, leaders must be able to clearly articulate what is going on within the business and in the market before embarking on the technological transformation.

Establish a budget plan

For any business - especially SMEs - the issue of budget is always important because it will have to include the costs of training and supporting employees… more interestingly, something that financial managers need to consider, in addition, it is temporary productivity that may be lost after implementation.

Select an appropriate technique

At this time, the executive team, IT support team and finance managers will have to sit together to find the right direction after successfully considering the budget.

Provide training on new techniques

After completing the technical implementation steps, training for onboarding staff on these new concepts should also be elaborated to ensure the best work results. At ODS Group - Sydney's famous digital transformation consulting company, we often recommend applying a digital training method that allows contextual learning, because it allows the most cost and time savings.

Encourage team members to take the initiative to share ideas

Simply to further improve digital transformation processes and help expand potential changes for the project.

Maintain an open-ended process

Digital transformation has an interesting feature that is always a continuous activity even when the business has been implementing it. If that technology is built on a cloud platform, then upgrades need to be carried out and changed to keep up with the business.

How Digital Transformation helps Your Business

Integrating into global markets is probably the desire of many large and small businesses around the world when they want to expand their brand stature. Thanks to digital transformation, SMEs can now lower expenses associated with transportation and border processes, and it greatly expands the possibilities for trading services.

With the rapid rise of digital security, internet platforms, blockchain networks, and artificial intelligence… Digital transformation is extremely necessary for businesses to become more connected with their customers. Significantly, for ordinary businesses, it brings greater revenues, coupled with an increasingly competitive position. For non-profit organizations, digital transformation implementation helps better assist and take care of their stakeholders.

Our Technologies

Certain new technology trends, broadly seen as recent technical developments, have been growing increasingly powerful, enabling a variety of uses and values for organizations. Since then, firms that embrace digital transformation have been able to significantly improve performance and overcome the scale-related constraints that they confront in their company operations.

Cloud computing

Allows a company to have faster access to its software, new features and upgrades, from any location at any time.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI)

Empower businesses to gain insights and reach quicker, more precise choices in sales, marketing… to best serve the company's core business purposes.

Operation on mobile platform

Bring convenience and speed when customers can access easily from anywhere. Helping businesses increase their competitiveness and reach users.

Ability to set up automation

Such as RPA. This enables BOTS installation that can execute monotonous, repetitive activities… maximum speed and accuracy, in order to save labor costs and reduce errors.

Mass-market information technology

Elps increase the ability to focus investment money for businesses, combined with timely and quick IT adjustments.

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Besides the exceptional service quality provided by ODS Group's team due to their extensive experience and knowledge, the "affordable pricing" aspect is an important consideration. ODS Group is one of the few software development organizations in the international IT sector in general, and Sydney, Australia in particular, that combines all three factors: lengthy experience - excellent service - competitive pricing.

Do you seek immediate assistance? Do you require a digital transformation guide since your project is time-sensitive? Do you want to establish a strong team of professional engineers to support you in all aspects? ODS Group in Sydney is proud to have been a major brand in the IT field for the past 10 years, as well as one of Australia's most well-known software consulting firms, and we look forward to being your partner in the future.

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