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ODS Group Pty - Mobile App Development Company in Australia

Businesses who need access to intelligent and fast app development will find that ODS Group is the best Sydney mobile app development company. We have the solutions that busy entrepreneurs need in the fast paced world. Finding a great partnership of talented app developers who can start work on your brief and complete it within agreed timeframes is priceless. Speed and reliability are the keys to success in this competitive business environment.

As an innovative Sydney mobile app development company we will work with you and put together a team of talented programmers to bring your vision to reality. Save money on overheads and time wasted looking for freelancers who can respond to your project. When you partner with ODS Group you will be working with top industry professionals whose creative mobile app development skills will propel your business into the next level of success.


An affordable way to manage the costs associated with developing mobile apps.


Your needs may change through the project and we adapt with you.


Accelerate your mobile app development and maximise your business success.

Customised mobile app development project management

  • Unlike other Sydney app development firms, we listen to what you need, what you can afford and what your vision is. WIth years of experience in the mobile app development space, our company provides you the intelligent muscle you need for a fraction of the cost you think it will be. You stay in control of the project and we provide the expertise.
  • Whether you are a business that needs to develop your own apps to streamline your business, or to help you interact with your customer base, we can help match you with an enviable team to deliver amazing results in record time.
  • In today’s fast paced world of marketing, algorithms and content driven engagement, integrating the right mobile app development to serve your business model is something that not many people in business have the expertise to do.
  • Wouldn’t it be nice if you had access to your very own Sydney mobile app development creatives? Luckily with ODS Group that is exactly what you have. You can concentrate on your core business activities that you are the expert in and allow us to put together a winning team that you control, but we manage.
  • Whether or not you are in Sydney your app development needs can be met with our remote workforce. WIth the plethora of functions that mobile apps can provide, from food delivery to time sheets, there is plenty of opportunity to streamline many business functions for marketing or management purposes.

Unique selling points

Slash your budget

Because you are not investing in hiring employees you will reduce your spend on your app development. We will work with you to stay within the allocated budget. We can even proceed via our scrum methodology and agile process into chunks which can be independent revenue streams to fund a larger project.


You always stay in control and your mobile app development projects can be scaled up or down at a moment’s notice.

Hassle free

We take the pain out of finding the best programmers and you do not have to worry about employment contracts, HR dramas and focus on the results.


We can put together a team or even a solo programmer to get started right away.

Our Agile Project Development Process

Our Agile process and Scrum methodology brings out the most efficient and effective way to get the best results from our team of programmers and developers who work with clients on their innovative projects.

Why we use Agile Process and Scrum methodology

The project teams work with the client on their mobile app development projects from specific phases that fit together in a linear manner. Each phase (or chunk) lasts around 30 days and when it has been tested, it can be locked down and implemented. Further testing can occur and the mobile app can be usable through this phase. Scrum methodology is collaborative and particular individuals work on these elements to bring them together in a cohesive final product.

Innovative Sydney mobile app development

In today’s uncertain business environment it is more important than ever for business owners to take charge and get on the front foot. Investing in mobile apps for your business is a great way to track consumer behaviour. There are a million ways that you can implement apps and they do not have to be in the retail space. Many creative businesses use apps in B2B relationships or just internally with staff to streamline business processes.

Instead of thinking what sort of app you need, our intelligent and creative programmers will translate what you want to achieve into an app that will do this for you. As an entrepreneur, you have ideas about what you want to achieve. Working with our mobile app development company will help you transform those ideas into practical applications.

Working with ODS Group allows you to reduce your spending on overheads such as premises, employees and utilities. ODS Group removes employment related risks to your business which can be very costly.

A Sydney Mobile app development solution that won’t break the bank

Digital applications change very quickly and through constant innovation improve a business’ ability to grow and become more efficient. In order to harness the amazing opportunities that apps can bring, you need to partner with a team that you can trust to deliver great results at affordable prices. Our business model focuses on the importance of partnerships. We consider every client’s success to be our success and fertile ground for future collaboration.

We know that most small businesses or start ups do not have the capital or cash flow to justify the expense of employing a Sydney app development company or inhouse programmers. We have
developed our pricing and delivery model to ensure the maximum efficiency and speed for the lowest possible price.

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As a tech company with a passion for helping other businesses succeed, we invite you to join us on a journey that will translate your ideas into a reality. Our flexibility is key to your success. You can scale up or down at a moment’s notice. You are not locked into a particular outcome if the project brief changes.

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