Outsourcing Your Web App Development

by Thanh Pham | Aug 11, 2020 Outsourcing Your Web App Development

Having your own reliable in-house web app development team is amazing; the ability to stay in control and cater the application to your business needs is certainly a major benefit. However, often with small teams and increasing costs, this becomes a less than desirable business model. There are better options.

A simple, cost-effective solution, which is often overlooked is outsourcing your Web App Development. Some organisations and companies remain hesitant towards outsourcing their App Development, but with increasing reliability and effectiveness, outsourcing addresses many issues found with in-house development.

Issues with in-house Development

In-house development has many issues from a business point of view. In-house development is often costly and extremely time consuming. The higher cost of this development model means that teams are smaller, and often less efficient. Effectively, your company is paying people for a longer period than necessary to develop your application. With in-house development, it means you need to invest a large amount of time to building your team. This often means several rounds of interviews, ultimately delaying the time your app development can start to take place. In-house development means covering salaries, paid leave, team-building activities, superannuation and in some instances, payroll tax as well as those hefty office expenses for new computers and equipment. Often times, in-house development cannot get the same levels of experienced professionals that the new outsourcing model can provide.

Issues Fixed by Outsourcing

Cost Reduction: the cost for outsourcing compared to hiring new members for your development team is outstanding. Outsourcing allows you to get the most out of your investment. It’s a cheaper alternative that provides better results. By outsourcing your web app development, you can save money which can be invested in other opportunities for your company; in other words, there is an opportunity cost by having in-house developers.

Time Saved: Outsourcing will save you and your business time. By outsourcing you can increase your team’s size by double, achieving your end goal quicker, with the same quality (if not better).

Experienced Professionals: You get your choice of experienced and highly-talented professionals who are ready to jump into your project. The ODS Group offers you the ability to go over each team member’s résumé, and choose the people that best fit with your business, project, and team. This cuts out the lengthy hiring and interview process, and assures you that you will get quality professionals who elevate your project and your team with their skills.

Bigger Team: The cheaper costs of outsourcing means that you can have a much bigger team for the same investment. Meaning you get a bigger team, who will work fast, and have more experience than most local Web App Developers.

You Stay in Control: By outsourcing your team you are able to make sure that you and your company stay in control throughout the process, because at the end of the day, they are your team working solely on your work. You are able to directly manage your team, engage with them, brainstorm with them, and yield the best web app results for your business.

Should I Choose Outsourcing?

If you already have a development team, then before hiring more local developers, there is a good chance that outsourcing is the way you should go with your Web App Development. Outsourcing is the right choice for your Web App Development if you want to:

  • Manage your own development team
  • Cut costs
  • Increase efficiency
  • Hire experienced professionals
  • Reach deadlines
  • Bring your Web App to the market quicker
  • Use a more efficient and practical development model

The vast majority of people will greatly benefit from outsourcing their Web App Development. It means that budgets are kept, deadlines are met, and your team is composed of highly efficient and knowledgeable professionals.

Where Do I Start Outsourcing?

It can be a challenge finding the right outsourcing company for you. You need a company which is reliable, efficient, has great communication skills, and feels like you can relate to and build a relationship with.

That’s what the ODS Group strives for. We are a web app development outsourcing company, dedicated to connecting you with a strong team of handpicked experienced professionals.

If you feel like doubling your team for half the cost, the ODS Group is here to help you start your web app outsourcing journey.

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