Outsourcing Software Development During COVID-19

by Thanh Pham | Dec 28, 2020 Outsourcing Software Development During COVID-19

Regardless of which segment of the market you are in, every business has been impacted by COVID-19. Working with an offshore talent provider such as ODS Group is a partnership that opens a world of expertise in everything you will need. This blog will shed a light on the benefits of outsourcing app development, web development, database administration and other IT functions during and post the COVID-19 pandemic.

Australia has shown considerable leadership in its prompt and evidence-based management of COVID-19 to minimise damage to peoples’ livelihoods. This leadership can also be translated in a business sense, as Australia takes its place as a significant player in the Asia Pacific region. According to research by IDC:

“The Asia/Pacific region maintained its position as the epicentre of digital innovation fuelled by the growing need among enterprises to redefine customer experiences, transform core operations, and strengthen business agility.”

There are benefits to be had from the situation if you can position yourself to succeed from changes in consumer spending. The key to a business surviving and thriving in the current era of social isolation and market unpredictability is through creative and intelligent implementation of cloud computing.

The agility and remote access that cloud systems bring are particularly relevant for business decision makers to consider during the pandemic. Although in Australia cloud computing is relatively commonplace, it has been larger firms that have taken up cloud services. Deloitte Access Economics has reported that despite the potential benefits of cloud computing, 90% of businesses surveyed indicated they had encountered obstacles transitioning to the cloud. These problems have been identified as resistance to change in the workforce, extensive training needs and the incompatibility of some legacy systems. All of these elements are costly and explain why there has been a lower uptake in cloud services in small and micro businesses. Marrying cloud services with offshore development is the key to business responsiveness and survival.

Savvy CIOs and CEOs already understand the benefits of outsourcing labour to minimise exposure to risk, and to reduce budgetary spending on recruitment. They also understand the value of outsourcing to free up key employees to focus on their core business activities without the distraction of managing IT infrastructure and applications.

Survival of the fittest

Businesses who want to survive and thrive must contend with the challenges of retaining client loyalty and increasing their reach. Most businesses are trying to understand how to implement, integrate and promote their online engagement to retain and increase their customer base and conversion rate. In the race to stay afloat and to be responsive to their customers’ changing needs during and post COVID-19, outsourcing becomes even more vital.

Choosing offshore development of software or database applications, is something that successful SMEs, including start-ups and micro enterprises are embracing. With newer generations of business leaders also comes a generational shift in thinking about technology. In a competitive marketplace, looking to technology to solve problems, rather than just to perform tasks, is the mind-set that will marry creativity with profitability.

Engaging with an outsourcing software development engineer to provide expertise is a way to minimise risk while maximising business growth. It makes more sense than shelling out the cost of purchasing solutions which are usually rigid and often require in-house expertise to manage.

What is key during the pandemic is adaptability as the environment has no constants except change. As highlighted in a recent prediction by market analysts at IDC, the ability for companies to maximise their growth potential, will be hampered, not by their vision, but by practicalities. For instance, market analyst IDC suggests:

“that access to digital talent and capabilities will become increasingly critical to successful digital transformation projects over the next decade… in the Asia-Pacific services market.”

Enterprises that are in the B2B space can use this time to consolidate relationships with suppliers and in market research to explore new markets, arising out of new needs. You may have collected a lot of data about your clients, and trends in the market, but have not had the time nor expertise to understand how these meet. Engaging an outsource expert in database administration for example, can provide reports that will inform strategies moving forward.

Position your company to ride the wave of digital innovations

Businesses that utilise an outsource development firm will largely be protected from catastrophic economic fallout of COVID-19. They will be in a good situation as they are agile enough to promptly respond to market triggers, compared to those with heavy IT staff loads and legacy systems.

There are so many technological applications that are relevant to businesses currently working from home. With the majority of people forced into social isolation and working from home, there is a growing demand for responsive remote server administrators and database engineers to handle huge volumes of data going across systems. If your workforce is working from home, how will you manage this? If your current set-up is a dinosaur, you need talented developers and software engineers to create new systems that integrate into your current digital environment. You may need to increase the number of servers that handle this increased level of data. If you need a roadmap to get started, an ODS expert can help.

This new social isolation has created vast new audiences for digital products and services that did not exist before. Within the digital space, players such as cloud service companies, web development, training platforms, app development and video chat platforms have been in huge demand. It is clear that globally-focused businesses, particularly those with a focus on IT strategy, are likely to increase outsourcing to a reliable company that has taken steps to prove itself.

In the Australian context, the recently announced Federal Government stimulus package for businesses has freed up cash flow by reducing various tax burdens. A business can improve its’ market reach by the end of 2020 by strategically investing that increased cash flow and implementing an online engagement strategy. A simple improvement to the usability, functionality and information on its website is a good start. It is affordable and can be achieved by engaging an offshore development firm like ODS Group at very reasonable costs, with great ROI. Outsourcing web development or app development alone can go a long way to catching the spend of consumers who are bored at home, with the usual costs of going out reduced due to COVID-19.

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