Offshore Software or Nearshore Software Development: Which One for Startups?

by Uyen Le | Mar 05, 2022 Offshore Software or Nearshore Software Development: Which One for Startups?

If you’re a major corporation with a national or global presence and several locations, having a dedicated in-house team is a huge benefit. However, what happens if you are a dynamic company that is just getting started and you need to undertake a software development project but are frightened to engage and manage a whole IT department?

Don’t we still have firms that specialize in software outsourcing? Many businesses prefer to outsource their development work, particularly when there are notable possibilities such as nearshore – offshore software development. So, if you’ve decided to outsource a software development project to another country; enterprises, particularly startups, should think about which alternative to go with. In this article, you’ll learn about the benefits of each choice.

Nearshore Software Development

Nearshore development refers to outsourcing software development or other tasks to companies located in your country’s immediate area or another adjacent country. With a nearshore company, you should only be separated by 1 to 3 hours of travel time. As a result, there is little to no time difference between you and a contractor, making communication easy.

Because software development on the nearshore may be done without a human connection, it’s possible to plan face-to-face meetings even if it isn’t essential. In most cases, travel expenses are low enough that corporations can make the trip to and from developers during business hours.

What is the significance of Nearshore Software Development?

Nearshore outsourcing software is best suited for medium and large-scale projects that need quick access to programmers. Projects involving sensitive information or safety concerns may be handled more effectively by nearshore personnel.

High fees for services
Due to the lack of software development talent in some places, costs are exaggerated because of scarcity. One-sidedly, though, what if you’re a company in Asia with a requirement for nearshore software outsourcing? Great! Your search has ended.
Not much variety to suit your needs
Also because the above shortage of IT personnel has led to another problem, which is the clustering of companies specializing in providing software solutions, making choosing a suitable service provider difficult.
Efficient scalability
By allowing employees to work in the same time zone, nearshore development makes it easier for companies to expand their workforce. In general, the language and cultural aspects of nearshore enterprises are similar, and this typically results in their success.
High mobility and face-to-face meeting
Because the geographical conditions are ideal for going from one nation to another, physical meetings may be readily organized and executed between people from other countries.
Time zone compatibility
This is probably also the factor that makes nearshore software development the top favorite. Thanks to the difference between the two countries’ time zones are not too big, both the client-side and the developers’ team can easily exchange information, communicate, schedule appointments… with each other.

Offshore Software Development

The United States is a good illustration of this. When a team is situated outside of the United States, especially in another continent where the difference in geographical distance and time zone is relatively obvious, it is referred to as an “offshore” team. There are a number of issues that may arise while working with these suppliers, such as cultural differences and the need to deal with a larger time zone disparity.

Moreover, offshore software projects are often outsourced to foreign companies with a little budget and a broad range of time, which is why many businesses choose to collaborate with an overseas development team.

What is the significance of Offshore Software Development?

For companies with major IT projects, offshore software development is an attractive solution. By working with an offshore development company, businesses may obtain access to developers from all over the globe with great abilities.

Time zone & culture difference
Obviously, once you’ve chosen a business located on another continent, that means you’ll have to accept cultural diversity and time zone differences (it can take up to 8 hours of difference between the two sides).
Language barrier
The second thing to keep an eye out for is language. Make certain that your team of outsourced engineers has strong English (5 skills) and is fluent enough to tackle any difficulties that may arise.
For a one-time project like constructing a website or web application, you may not need a full-time crew. Long-term savings from not having to recruit more workers or pay for overhead expenses are another benefit of outsourcing.
The ability to tap into a massive talent pool
And they’re also highly qualified engineers that have worked with offshore web development projects before. During the pandemic, there is a built-in structure and obvious areas of responsibility in an office setting that is sometimes lacking in an online context, making remote work more suitable for specialists who are more comfortable in an office environment.
If you’re developing software, you’re going to need a lot of different people to do it. It is simple to reduce or increase the number of programmers by working with an offshore development company according to the requirements. 

How to Pick the Best Software Outsourcing Option for Your Company?

The above are preliminary analyses of the two most prominent types of software development for startups. After reading thus far, the question that arises is, on what basis can you choose an appropriate software outsourcing service provider? Even when a company has big in-house development teams, it is typical for them to deploy extended teams like this to fulfill vital jobs without needing a long-term employment commitment.

As the CEO of Saigon Technology for the past ten years – with a wealth of expertise servicing hundreds of corporate clients globally – I will mention six essential characteristics as follows:

  1. Varieties of Outsourcing Deals: In order to make a decision about outsourcing your software development needs, it is vital to know what services these businesses provide.
  2. Business budget for the project: The cheapest has never been the greatest! Remember that your ultimate goal is service quality. Therefore, do not rush to choose the service provider with the cheapest price. Please calmly consider adding other factors.
  3. Importance of the project: Compare the importance/scale of your project with the company’s ability to accept and execute. 
  4. In-house evaluation: Companies should analyze their present software development skills before contacting any possible software outsourcing firms. 
  5. Technology firm history: This is one of the best indicators of future success. In the quest for an outsourcing partner to help with a significant software development project, it is quite crucial.
  6. Communication: Software outsourcing businesses are plagued by a lack of high-quality, fully-bilingual software engineers’ access to their clients.

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