How to Properly Monitor Offshore Software Development Projects

by Uyen Le | Apr 10, 2022 How to Properly Monitor Offshore Software Development Projects

Working with a remote team is difficult due to a variety of factors such as time zone differences, cultural differences, and so on, which may create issues for both sides. Whatever occurs, if we know-how, there will be a method to deal with it fully.

And, of course, when it comes to offshore software outsourcing, communication and monitoring job progress are essential. This post will teach you how to properly manage offshore software development projects. 

Offshore Software Development 

Offshore software development includes software outsourcing. It allows you to outsource a portion of the whole software development project to a third party or a team of freelancers. Offshore software development services include but are not limited to, the creation of custom software, mobile applications, and websites.

This service is being provided by a team or corporation in a nation other than your own. Of course, there is a significant geographical distance between them, which will most likely result in noticeable variations in time zones, cultures, and languages… 

A prime example, Asian nations such as India or China would be wonderful examples of American corporations outsourcing projects there. Significantly, in Asia, businesses might consider Vietnam or Singapore as prospective locations if they want the assistance of both the benefit of service pricing and the advantage of brilliant young engineers.

How to Properly Monitor Offshore Software Development Projects

Adopt a project management technique that works best

Choosing the right methodology can greatly affect the offshore software development project progress, product results, and possibly service charges. It’s important to follow the instructions provided in the document to ensure that your offshore development team understands what offshore demands entail. The right methodology not only helps us to shorten the time-to-market but also saves labor.

Maintain stable communication

In choosing to collaborate with an offshore software development company, you already know that communication is essential. Before you begin offshore software development, be sure you have established communication routes.

And this contact might take place via a variety of communication methods. The main issue is to agree on which software platform will be used to exchange preliminary information, which platform will be used to have meetings, and which platform will be used to monitor the progress of the task… Typically, the rise of offshore work has led to an increase in the usage of applications like Trello, Slack, Zoom, JIRA, etc.

Set up fixed time frames for meetings

Because time zone differences are a major source of worry for both the offshore development teams and the project owner, it is critical to agree on probable time limits for communications, meetings, and significant decisions.

Normalize your tension by imagining that you’ll be sleeping by the time the technical team arrives at work in their time zone. And when you wake up, you will get the team’s work outcomes, which you will have a whole working day to study and test before providing comments and proposing improvements to them the next day. Then, agree on a specific time range that is convenient for both parties. It may be in the evening or in the morning when both sides are accessible but it is not yet time to sleep. 

Be transparent about the workflow and the results of each stage with each other

If you want your offshore software development team to meet your requirements, you must provide them with specific instructions on how to do so. This is obvious because communication is very important. There are a number of things to bear in mind while working with an offshore software development team.

With a common grasp of the organizational structure, working methods, and products, the offshore crew will feel like a real employee rather than a contracted unit when they begin working.

Monitor them, but don’t become too involved

Even more importantly, no one wants to be micromanaged in their work. If anything doesn’t seem right, don’t worry; it’s all part of the project’s long-term success for engineers. In order to keep the engineers happy, you should always express any concerns or suggestions you may have in a favorable light.

This will most likely be tough because of how to combine rigor in the working process while also ensuring a comfortable atmosphere for engineers who, owing to cultural differences, need more devotion than we imagine.

Provide constructive criticism on their performance 

After conducting a thorough evaluation, periodically providing feedback and recommendations for the programmers to maintain good performance in their professional work. Everyone who uses the services of that particular offshore software development business in the future will benefit greatly from your candid opinion.

After receiving feedback from customers, the team of engineers will be able to determine more suitable working methods or promote available advantages to develop the project more smoothly.

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