Developers Who Do More

ODS Group has always been an excellent location for assisting international enterprises in finding the proper developers for their software development projects. Furthermore, whether the goal is to develop and produce custom software (web/app) or to go digital with their commercial operations, the expert team at ODS Group is always available to consult. Businesses may now take advantage of our developers since we have refined our methods over the years and have a track record of successful projects.

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Your Developers-To-Be

Our developers are based in Vietnam, a booming “technopolis” in South-East Asia. While there’s a large developer pool to choose from, we carefully select the most skilled candidates to work on your projects.

Managed By You

When you use our developers, you have 100% control over what they work on. In the rare event issues arise, you have access to a team leader who is assigned to your project.


With ODS Group, you have immediate access to developers experienced in almost every framework and technology, from Java to Xamarin to React

English Speaking

All our staff speak English, communicate with clients in English and code in English.

Exclusive For You

When you bring on developers, they work exclusively on your projects. You won’t need to provide any developer tools beyond giving them access to the necessary systems & code,


All of our professionals are proficient in their areas and get extra training so they improve and maintain their skills between projects.

Employed By Us

The developers working for you aren't freelancers. Each expert is employed by us and works from a fully-furnished office, where they’re always available for you.

The Simple Way To Scale Your Dev Team

Want to add developers to your team quickly? Our process makes it easy:

  • Determine the skillsets you’re looking for
  • Let us know how many developers you need, and for how long
  • You can review our developers’ CVs, and then interview them
  • We help you onboard them into your project, where they then get to work

Tap Into Ready-To-Go Dev Talent

Have a web or mobile app you’re building? We’ve got developers who can speed things up. Looking to redesign or build a database to harness your data? Database devs and admins are a couple of clicks away. Need server admins to keep your technology ticking over, we’ve got you covered too.

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